The Rising Hawk / Захар Беркут (2019)

The Rising Hawk / Захар Беркут (2019)

  • Година
  • Дължина на филма
  • Страна Ukraine, USA

During the 13th Century, Zakhar Berkut and his wife Rada lead a group of high-landers in Carpathian Mountains. Unfortunately, their tranquil existence is soon threatened by Burunda Khan, a powerful Mongolian general who leads his massive armies west in search of new lands to conquer. Forced to protect their village, Zakhar and Rada send their sons, Ivan and Maksim, to ask for help from Tugar Volk, a wealthy boyar who has recently arrived from King. After his strong-willed daughter Myroslava and Maksim survive a dangerous encounter together, Tugar Volk pledges to defend the villagers against the Mongols. But when a mutual attraction sparks between Myroslava and Maksim, Tugar Volk forbids them from continuing their relationship. Meanwhile, Burunda Khan faces questions from his warriors about his motivation and military strategy for the impending invasion. As war breaks out, both sides suffer devastating casualties. Redoubling his efforts, Burunda Khan unleashes the full fury of his …


693 пъти видян

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